quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2012


Título de autoria do Renato Silva Sasdelli da Galápagos Games e com arte assinada pelo amigo Fábio Michelan da COPAG. Joguei na Ludus e me diverti bastante com o card game. Leve e ideal para jogar entre games pesados. A mecânica é de blefe e garante boas risadas.

Publico na integra o texto descritivo do jogo direto do BGG:

The Mafia has never been stronger: assaults, ambushes, and smuggling are happening throughtout the streets. But the police is not playing around! Infiltrated police officers will attempt to sabotage Mafia missions at all costs to show who's the real boss of the city.

At the beggining of the game, players receive secret goals: mafia or police. The first ones should complete the missions, while te second ones should force them to fail (secretly). When 4 missions have suceeded or failed, the game ends.

During the whole game, 2 missions remain open at the table, and different characters are assigned to them. Each mission has a number value, a color and a quanitity of cards necessary to complete it. Players who are at the mission can contribute (or not) to it by secretly playing action cards at it.

All action cards may be used to contribute for missions or may be used as an action. There is a wide variety of actions, such as adding or removing a character from a mission, buying more cards, forcing a player to lose cards, block a player's turn, etc.. but remember:

In the underworld of MAFIA, you never know whom you can trust!

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